ESP specialises in Intercom repairs and installation.

With the ever increasing need for home and business security, our intercom systems can allow you to see and hear the person at the door before opening it. Announced by a pleasant chime the visitor can be addressed safely from the inside station. Pressing a button on the handset will unlock the door for the visitor and can optionally control lifts or garage doors.

ESP is used by property managers to service older Intercom systems in Unit Blocks that they manage. Our technicians have the expertise to fix a problem efficiently and quickly to reduce disruption and inconvenience to the owner, tenant and Property Manager. Once we have been sent the job request we then take the responsibility of dealing directly with the tenant or owner until the problem is rectified saving time for the property manager. If its expertise in Intercoms you are after, contact ESP to get the job done.

ESP install and recommend BITICINO and GOLMAR. We service all types of intercoms including ELVOX, BPT, VIDEOMAN, FERMAX, STR, URMET and COMELIT.


Whatever the Premises you occupy, your security provisions must include the ability to control who enters and also control where they enter and when they do so.

ESP Access control systems can provide a wide range of technical solutions to allow free access to authorised people whilst denying entry to unwanted guests.

Controlling who comes through your front door is definately important but is really a small element of what access control systems can offer. Sensitive areas such as the Managers office, a stock or communications room may need extra protection, as well as protecting your most valuable asset your staff. ESP specialises in access control to blocks of units, where card access can be granted or denied at the managers request. Access control systems can be set to restrict lift access, garage doors and any other style of door you may want to restrict. No more changing locks or worrying about lost keys.

ESP can follow the project through from the initial design and planning stages through to installation, completion and maintaining the system.


Closed circuit surveillance systems or security cameras have become a leading form of security in the deterrence and fight against crime. Having a CCTV system installed will allow you to monitor all activity at your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our systems range from single cameras to multiple camera networks. They can record in B/W or colour and also capture audio also. We have systems for both indoor and outdoor premises, recorded digitally for remote access or onto a DVR.

Footage can be recorded onto a Hard drive so throw away your tapes, allowing for easy distribution of footage via email, USB or DVD. Our systems can be integrated and networked to your existing computer system, controlled access can be granted to staff to log in and view cameras, remote access is also an option for the Internet.


Our systems can be integrated ESP Security install intrusion detection systems for all styles of commercial and domestic properties. From a standard home alarm with perimeter protection and infared sensors to commercial properties with glass break protection and links to Access control we can design and install service. While we provide and install many different alarm systems, we will use the one that is customized to suit you and your lifestyle. ESP Alarm systems are comprised of the following components:
  • Panel - the "brains" of the system
  • Keypad - where you enter your codes
  • Motion detectors - There are two types of detectors, they are PIR's (Passive Infra Red) or Dual Techs. PIRs detect heat change in the enviroment. Dual Techs detect heat and movement, which reduces the chance of a false alarm.
  • External and Internal sirens - External sirens have a blue strobe light which continues to flash until you return to the premises to indicate to you that there as been an alarm. The siren sounds for 5 minutes and then will automatically reset. It will reactivate if any more movement is detected. Internal sirens will sound as well at a level of 120 decibels which makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to stay inside the premises for more than a few minutes.
Other items can be added such as:

Smoke alarms
Be alerted about a possible fire. These systems are interfaced with the alarm system and therefore do not need batteries to be changed. These will also protect you and your family 24/7 365 days a year regardless of whether the alarm system is switched on or off!

Pet detectors
These detectors have been designed for owners who have their pets inside when they arm the system. These detectors have the technology to distinguish between small animals and intruders.

Remote keyfobs
At the touch of a button you can arm or disarm your alarm as you drive in or out of your garage. You can also control the raising and lowering of your garage door as well. Also you can activate a panic alarm, which will send a signal to the control room, who in turn will alert the police. However all components of an alarm system can be customised to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

So what is the difference?
Whether you select your monitoring service as a "Back to Base" (security system sends a signal via your telephone line) or our "MCM GPRS" (via an existing internet connection backed up by a wireless GPRS system), you can rest assured you're in good hands with your 24/7 Lock and Alarm Monitoring service.

In a matter of seconds of receiving a signal, one of our highly trained operators assesses this information and depending on the signals received they can confirm the exact nature of the emergency and send out a patrol guard to investigate or call the after hours contact provided. Or if required, notify the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance.

24/7 Monitoring Service When you choose 24/7 Lock and Alarm to monitor your property, our Control Rooms are manned 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and all calls to the Control Room are answered live by a team of fully trained operators. Our security monitoring centres use state of the art monitoring equipment to provide you with the best service and response times every time.

We will notify you any time there is:
  • An intrusion onto your property
  • Out of Hours Entry
  • Failure to arm your security system
  • Unusual behaviour (e.g. alarm disarmed outside of normal hours)
  • Power Failure
  • Low Battery

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